KPI Call Reporting

Visualise exactly how your calls are being handled across your organisation with KPI Informant, Element3’s simple to use telephony call reporting solution with bespoke modules specifically designed for housing associations based on HouseMark metrics.

Reporting Needs

Organisations’ operations are being scrutinised even more closely than ever, with a strong emphasis placed on reporting on activities in order to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction. The need to frequently produce PIs (Performance Indicators) is an influential driver in the direction and focus of IT in many organisations.

Free Up Resources

While reporting gives organisations targets to work towards, it also consumes an unbalanced amount of resource and skill within the business. All this focus can have a negative impact on the delivery of services to customers due to the weight of resource required to compile accurate reports. Element3 understand how important it is that you do not compromise your organisation’s reputation with inaccurate figures; we have developed a reporting system that can be trusted to provide valuable information to deliver business efficiencies.

Reporting Innovation

Element3 has developed KPI Informant to provide accurate reports on the whole path of your organisation’s calls with just a few clicks. The reporting system is quick and easy to use, simplifying a once laborious process, improving customer satisfaction and promoting efficiencies across all departments.

With our latest development, organisations using Avaya IP Office and Cisco Call Manager can now run custom-built reports efficiently, pulling together call information according to defined parameters such as phone group, agent, and timeframe.

With a true reflection of your business stats, your organisation can hone in on weaknesses to improve upon, and successes to promote across the whole business.


Compatible with Avaya IP Office and Cisco Call Manager, KPI Informant allows you to find out number-crunching information such as:

  • how quickly your customers’ calls are answered
  • the number of abandoned calls and the actual caller’s number
  • call duration for every received call
  • drill-down information on call agents
  • real-time wall boards to highlight current call information

This precise information enables your organisation to:

  • improve customer satisfaction
  • proactively return a customer’s call if unanswered
  • improve resolution time for issues raised by telephone
  • pinpoint operational weaknesses
  • improve communication with your residents

For visual impact, KPI Informant can also link to wallboards, to demonstrate live lost calls.  The wallboards clearly highlight where action is needed, glowing red if in breach of SLA.  Wallboards ensure that staff are mindful of their performance, in order to achieve a consistently low lost call rate.